Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst •

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Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst

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Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst

Postby tvn » Wed 07 Nov, 2012 11:27 am


Business Outcomes
An Advanced Technical Test Analyst can:
    TTA1 Recognize and classify the typical risks associated with the performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability of software systems.
    TTA2 Create test plans which detail the planning, design and execution of tests for mitigating performance, security, reliability, portability and maintainability risks.
    TTA3 Select and apply appropriate structural design techniques to ensure that tests provide an adequate level of confidence based on code coverage and design coverage.
    TTA4 Effectively participate in technical reviews with developers and software architects applying knowledge of typical mistakes made in code and architecture.
    TTA5 Recognize risks in code and software architecture and create test plan elements to mitigate those risks through dynamic analysis.
    TTA6 Propose and implement measures for improving the security, maintainability and testability of code by applying static analysis.
    TTA7 Outline the costs and benefits to be expected from introducing particular types of test automation.
    TTA8 Select appropriate tools to automate technical testing tasks.
    TTA9 Understand the technical issues and concepts in applying test automation
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