Certified for Windows Vista Test Cases

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Certified for Windows Vista Test Cases

Post by tvn » Sun 01 May, 2011 4:23 pm

Đây là mẫu test case dùng để test Windows Vista

Certified for Windows Vista Test Cases
Version 1.3.001
March 6, 2007

Machine Setup and Configuration
Security and Compatibility
TEST CASE 1. Verify all of the application’s executables contain an embedded manifest that define its execution level (Req:1.1)
TEST CASE 2. Verify Least-Privilege Users cannot modify other users documents or files (Req:1.1)
TEST CASE 3. Verify Least-Privilege user is not able to save files to Windows System directory (Req:1:1)
TEST CASE 4. Verify application installer does not have a 16-Bit installer, does not use or rely on 16-Bit code or components and does not attempt to install any non 64-Bit drivers on x64 versions of Windows regardless if application is a Win32 application or is native to 64-bit (Req:1.2)
TEST CASE 5. Verify application installed executables and files are signed (Req:1.3)
TEST CASE 6. Verify all kernel-mode drivers installed by the application are signed (Req:1.4)
TEST CASE 7. Verify application properly checks for Operating System version (Req:1.6)
TEST CASE 8. Verify application launches and executes properly using Fast User Switching (Req.1.8)
TEST CASE 9. Verify application launches and executes properly using Remote Desktop (Req.1.8)
TEST CASE 10. Verify drivers and services start in Safe-Mode. (Req:1.10)
TEST CASE 11. Verify application installer uses Windows Installer. (Req:2.1)
TEST CASE 12. Verify application’s MSI installer does not receive any errors from the Internal Consistency Evaluators. (Req:2.1)
TEST CASE 13. Verify application’s installer contains an embedded manifest (Req:2.2)
TEST CASE 14. Verify application launches with installed user token (Req:2.2)
TEST CASE 15. Verify application installs to the correct folders by default (Req:2.3)
TEST CASE 16. Verify ClickOnce application is signed with a valid Authenticode Certificate (Req:2.4)
TEST CASE 17. Verify ClickOnce application only stores data in installed user’s folders and does not write to WRP registry keys during install. (Req:2.5)
TEST CASE 18. Verify Windows Installer package contains Manufacturer, ProductCode, ProductLanguage, ProductName, ProductVersion (major and minor), and UpgradeCode property tags and that they are not null (Req:2.7)
TEST CASE 19. Verify application creates uninstall registry key and values (Req:2.7)
TEST CASE 20. Verify application does not try to write to or replace any WRP registry keys or files (Req:2.9)
TEST CASE 21. Verify the application does not use nested install custom actions (Req:2.10)
TEST CASE 22. Verify the application does not add custom columns to the Windows Installer’s standard tables and that any custom tables or properties are not prefixed with ‘msi’ (Req:2.10)
TEST CASE 23. Verify the application rolls back the install and restores machine back to previous state (Req:2.10)
TEST CASE 24. Verify the application does not force a reboot during install (Req:2.12)
TEST CASE 25. Verify the application properly handles files in use during install (Req:2.12)
TEST CASE 26. Verify the application can be installed quietly from the command line (Req:2.13)
TEST CASE 27. Verify the application’s Windows Installer ComponentID table does not contain null values (Req:2.14)
TEST CASE 28. Verify the application’s Windows Installer Package does not contain more than one COM Server for each Component (Req:2.14)
TEST CASE 29. Verify the application’s Windows Installer Package does not contain more than one shortcut for each component (Req:2.14)
TEST CASE 30. Verify the application is Restart Manager Aware (Req:3.1)
TEST CASE 31. Verify application does not break into a debugger with the specified AppVerifier checks (Req:3.2)
TEST CASE 32. Verify that the application only handles exceptions that are known and expected (Req:3.2)
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Re: Certified for Windows Vista Test Cases

Post by Tdang » Thu 24 Apr, 2014 7:44 pm

Cảm ơn bạn nhiều. Bạn có thêm test case nào cho desktop apps thì share cho mình với nhé!

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